Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And then there were none.

After doing some serious garage cleaning in prepearation for a winter storm I came to a realization. I had two bikes in the garage that were going nowhere fast.

First the Goldwing, Uncle Dave's wing, was a failure on my part. The wing was in need of an alternator conversion and a lot of work had gone into a tear down and partial rework before I lost steam and was involved in last years accident. Having never been able to get back to work on the project I was forced to cut ties and move on.

Next was my Concours. This mangled motorcycle stood silently in the garage as a silent testament to what had happened and in a weird kind of way, I liked it. I liked seeing it everyday when going to work and returning home. Then again, I hated it. So off it went.

I am officially without a motorcycle again. Of course that probably means I need to start shopping.

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