Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Don't Stop

In a world that has become so small by virtue of technology and all that comes with it, we find it increasingly simple to convince ourselves that we are connected to each other. We know absolutely every move our friends and family make through social media of all kinds. What we often forget is that what we are told is very often far from the truth. Ignoring the malicious propaganda of oppressive and manipulative regimes for thousands of years, I am referring to the connections we make with the people we know through cold data.

Examples abound of people intentionally misleading others thought these modern means but even more so can we say that today we unintentionally misinform others and ourselves in the fact that the information proposed through the written word is all too easy to hide behind.

What I propose is that you will find out less about me by learning what I had for lunch or my status update this morning than you would had we simply had lunch or chatted on the phone.

As I am writing this I am in a hotel room on a stopover during a small motorcycle trip through South Texas. It also happens that my Grandmother passed away 72 hours ago. Admittedly I had a lot of thought about what to do about my planned trip seeing that I had plenty of time to call it off and spend time with my family as they grieved. 

What it came down to as I spent time with my thoughts both at home and the few remaining hours I spent at work before departing on my ride was the obvious right thing to do. For me.

My wife and children aside, the people I left at home to grieve have little idea about who I am or who I have become over the pat 5 years. As I spend long hours with myself inside a helmet accompanied only with my thoughts I think back over all the years, that I have memory of, and the people that have come and gone. The people I knew, the ones I didn't, and the ones I should have.

Tonight I recommit myself to not convincing my mind that I have connected with others through this media even though I enjoy the many benefits of it. I commit to knowing those people that are with me on this journey and to those that aren't yet. The written word is a fine medium, the speed and economy of which has never been better in our history. But don't stop there.