Saturday, May 1, 2010

And they fished

A huge thank you to Ronnie and Mary for letting us share a wonderful quiet weekend with them at Cedar Creek Lake. Thanks also to Mike and his wife Patricia for inviting us and to Rick and Camila for being there to share with us all.

It has taken a week for me to get to post a few pics and talk about our weekend away. As can be read in an earlier post Tawnya and I were without the boys for a weekend and got to enjoy some peace and quiet. Saturday night we were weary from our ride but soon perked up at sharing some cold ones with old friends, getting to know a few acquaintances better, and meeting new friends.

We drank and talked, laughed and fished long into the night. In the morning Mike made buttermilk biscuits from scratch to go with our bacon and eggs. Ronnie netted us some shad and we were off again with lines in the water.

The only person that didnt catch something didnt wet a line that weekend, here are a couple of the spoils!

I mangled a few fillets for the experience and Ronnie ran us through the rest, giving freely of any knowledge he could add along the way. In the end everybody pitched in and we had a fish fry supper with the 7 pounds of fillets that had been out of the water less than 45 minutes.

A meal outdoors with a view of the lake, none of us will soon forget. I hope to return soon with new friends and old alike.

Action photos!

Since Tawnya was able to join me this past weekend I wanted her to practice getting some action shots. I am sure she will get some great ones as she gets more comfortable. To date Tawnya's longest ride had been about an hour and a half, and that was on the back of a Goldwing. She persevered through 401 miles and was still comfortable enough to get some pics, here are a few.